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MoneytransferUK makes it easy to compare International online money transfer services to send money to India, allowing people to assess companies side-by-side and select the best value for your money. Users can compare, choose, and review exchange rates, transfer fees, and other information from the most well known and popular money transfer service providers to India, all in one place. For people seeking the best online money transfer provider to send money to India, we present the information they need, fast and free.

We provide real-time exchange rates and facts, so users are given up-to-date and accurate company information that allows them to select the best online money transfer service provider that offers the best value, making the process of choosing the right remittance service provider simple and fast. And with no required registration, login, or costs, there is no commitment and no disclosure of personal information.



Real-Time Exchange Rates

Discover today’s best exchange rate in real time for GBP-INR, EURO РINR

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Compare exchange rates from reputable companies, so you can select the best money transfer service by comparing factors such as live exchange rate, transfer fee, transfer time, service benefits, and more.

Remittance Guide

Find tips, guidelines, and articles that make it easy to understand the remittance process for all the information you need about sending money to India.